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Program Info

What Age Group is My Child in?

The Player's age is determined by September 1st of the first half of the season.  Grade also plays a factor in terms of which team to select.  For instance, if  your child is 11 on September 1st, but is in 7th grade, they can play U12 or Middle School.  If your child is 9th-12th grade, they must play in the High School League. Age waivers are available on an as-needed basis.

What Will My Child Need?

  • Cleats, Mouth-guards and a Water Bottle purchased elsewhere.
  • Shorts and Socks purchased from the league at cost.
  • Jerseys for Middle School ages and below.

Special Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors 

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About Mother Lode

Mother Lode Rugby is a youth rugby program that plays in Rugby Norcal.

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